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The British BMG Federation Summer School Weekend
June 16th – 18th
Knuston Hall, Irchester, Wellingborough,
Northamptonshire NN29 7EU


Elias Sibley: Classic Finger-style 5-string Banjo

This course will concentrate on improving banjo technique. Students will discover how alternative fingerings can improve performance. It will be suitable for intermediate and more advanced players but anyone with a sound basic knowledge of the instrument and a reasonable insight into playing banjo solos will be welcome. Students will need to be able to read music notation.

Chris Acquavella : Music and Grand Tours in the Mid-18th Century; Gentlemen, Ladies and the Latest Fashion – for mandolin, mandola, guitar and bass - limited places only

During this course students will become familiar with some of these compositions: triosonatas and concerti. The aim is to develop a deeper understanding of the musical structure of this type of music and to get familiar with the means of historically informed performance practice, for example through applying ornamentation. Level of ability: intermediate and advanced mandolin, mandola, guitar and bass players.

Mike Pryor & Richard Holland: How to put together a Bluegrass Band for Mixed Instruments

In this course students will learn how core instruments work together to create the powerful basis of the Bluegrass sound and the special role and techniques each instrument has, paying close attention to what everyone else in the band is doing. This course is suitable for people who have been playing their instrument for a couple of years or more, who are familiar and comfortable with basic chords and song structures.

To book, telephone Knuston Hall 01604 362200.

For enquiries, contact BMG Federation course co-ordinator by emailing sandra.woodruff@virgin.net