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The British BMG Federation Summer School Weekend
June 14th - 16th
at Knuston Hall, Irchester, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN29 7EU





To Book - Telephone Knuston Hall 01604 362200

Enquiries to BMG Federation course co-ordinator Sandra Woodruff

email sandra.woodruff@virgin.net

Tutors & Courses


Chris Sands: Classic Finger-style 5-string Banjo 


This course concentrates on improving technique and is suitable for intermediate and more advanced players but anyone with sound basic knowledge of the instrument and reasonable insight into playing banjo solos will be welcome. Participants will study solos, discover how alternative fingerings can improve performance and practise exercises for the development of the hands. Students must be able to read music notation. Music will be available beforehand.



Chris Acquavella: Communication in Chamber Music ‘The Art of Fugue’ for mandolin, mandola, mandocello and guitar.


This course will look at basic principles of ensemble performance. The main piece will be Fugue in D minor, Op. 1 (#6) by Ludwig van Beethoven which has power, excitement and tricky twists and turns. A versatile class combining interactive ensemble playing with interesting exercises. Best suited to intermediate and advanced players, but players at lower level can be accommodated. Music will be available beforehand.


Matt Norman: Golden Age of Mandolin for mandolin family, guitar, tenor banjo and bass string instruments

This course looks at basic and intermediate technique and ensemble playing through the varied and rich repertoire of the late Victorian and Edwardian period. It is suitable for players of mandolin family instruments, banjos tuned in fifths, classical guitar, double bass and bass guitar, who read music notation and are intermediate standard or beginners with basic grasp of their instrument. Music will be available beforehand.



Nigel Gatherer: Folk Band for mixed instruments


Using traditional music and song from British Isles, this course explores presenting tunes and songs in exciting, interesting ways, putting sets together and how use of harmony and dynamics can enhance the music. It’s not about being great musicians, but about being a great group with each member contributing. This course is open to all instruments and levels of experience. Music will be available beforehand.